The whole of the Château Godeau wine estate is located on one of the highest slopes of the Saint-Emilion apellation (103m/338ft) in the commune of St Laurent des Combes, where a number of renowed and famous Saint-Emilion grand cru wines are found.

Its limestone slopes contain a deep layer of clay whitch enables both optimal drainage and more especially an exceptional regulation of water supply to the vine roots.Our very steep slopes are north/north-west facing and cover seven hectares (17 acres) of vines, the average age of wich is 35 years.

The vineyard's soils are cool and conductive to the production of well-strucutred wines. The main grape is Merlot (90%). this is the best adapted variety for these soils; but high on the ridges we also grow a variety witch we are particulary fond of Cabernet Franc, which  makes up the other 10%.

Godeau is located on an outstanding geological promontory and is unique in the appellation. The vallery or "combe" at the base of its slopes forms a kind of natural amphitheatre in which nature's cycle is played in four acts. 

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