it was in order to stisfy their wish to offer consumers wines that are a genuine expression by the vines of the soils in which they grow, a kind of picture of their terroir, that albéric and Agnès Florisoone acquired Château du Roc in 2017.

Its 12 hectares of vines add to the falily's vineyard holding and thus allow a wider range of wines to be produced without abandoning the famil's philosophy, which is to continue " to produce wines that display depth and brees and go beyond the boundaries of appellations to convey the individual characteristics of each parcel of vines." (Albéric Florisoone)

Perched on a ridge above the hightest slopes of the Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, Château du Roc's soils are made up of clay-limestone with a high proprtion of limestone, which endows the wines with finesse and salinity.