The style of our wines  is determined by the careful selection of optimally ripe grapes in each of the estate's plot. When this stage has been successfully completed, the raw material is transformed into liquid form. The bunches are taken to the cellars as quickly and as carefully as possible and undergo a painstaking phase of meticulous inspection during which the grapes are sorted both mechanically and manually.

Once sorted, the grapes are selected into different batches and placed in small, temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, in which a constant temperature is maintained for the completion of the alcoholic fermentation.

Our wines  are unquestionably the most Burgundian of Saint Emilion, not just through the topography of the vineyard's location but also in the winemaking techniques. Vinified in the most delicate way possible, the wines are made using manual pigeages (immersing manually the cap of skins into the juice) rather than with mechanical pump-overs. This technique, which requires quite a lot of physical strength, is nevertheless very gentle. It favours good aeration and interchange between the cap of skins ant its juice.

When this fermentation has been completed, we run off our wines into french oak barrels for the malo-lactic fermentation ( a kind of natural cleaning of the wine). Up to 50% of new barrels may be used depending on the vintage. The wines then age for over 12 months in oak barrels where they breathe naturally through the microscopic pores of the wood. This natural aeration enhances the ageing process.

After this ageing period and numerous tastings of the barrels, we carry out a first blending .

A few months before the bottling, the different batches selected for each of the two wines are blended to make two very distinct wines. This is the first and last blending.

The moment then arrives forour wines  to be bottled. Each bottle encapsulates a story - the story of a vintage, which it will patiently prepare and reveal, when opened months or years later, for our tasting pleasure and thrill.