Working the vines requires constant questioning of how each task can be best performed. However, this gift from Mother Nature counts for nothing without the skill and application of the Godeau wine-growing team.
Agnes Florisoone (owner)

"Each wine estate is a flower, whose root is its heart."
Agnès Florisoone
Albéric Florisoone (owner)

" From the top of those slopes, Godeau welcomed us in. And as Salvador Dali once said: those who know how to taste, never drink wine again, but instead taste secrets."
Alberic Florisoone
David Demur (vineyard manager and cellarmaster)

"Because of its exposure and the way the vineyars is set up, this estate is a difficult one to work.But its magnificent terroir enables us to make very powerful wines, wich personally I'm a big fan of."
David Demur
Eric Seuve (ploughman and dray horse breeder)

"The savoir-faire of a teamand the strenght of a Breton dray horse have combined to bring out the best of a wonderful terroir."
Eric Seuve

Julien Lavenu (consultant œnologist at Derenoncourt)
" This lovely estate has a ptachwork of différent terroirs with a wide range of exposures and very steep slopes. The vineyard's clay-limestone soils bring structure, tannic power and energy to the wines, which we watch over carefully in order to enhance their harmony and appeal."

Julien Lavenu
Charlotte de Bournazel   (communication manager)

" A real challenge but like an obvious, or perhaps the other way round...."
Charlotte de Bournazel