With Godeau's typical geographical situation, its exposure and soil types, the job of the vine-grower at our etsate is to sustain our vines throughout the wole of the year, so that at harvest time tey will produce grapes that are the perfect expression of the Godeau terroir.

To achieve this, wemake sure our vines have soils with a microbial life and that the soils' balance is maintained and thair natural losses compensated.

Protecting the health of our vines from diseases is essential, and we do this trhough the use of modern precision equipement. The high standards we set in our vine-growing and the meticulous nature of the tasks mean taht most of the work in our vines is done by hand. 

From the moment the first vines start their budding right up to the picking of the grapes, a full programme of vine canopy management work is carefully carred out to ensure healthy vines and to enhance ripening. This includes de-suckering, shoot-thinning, fruit selection and ventilation of the bunches.

Our soils are ploughed and maintained free of weeds directly below the vine canopy to ebsure a good vine rooting system and to optimize the vine plant's interchange with its soil. we grow a natural grass cover crop in the middle of the rows to ensure the ground remains firm and to enable it to bear any heavy loads.

These tasks are carried out using animal traction or else mechanically, depending on soil configurations.

Finally our harvest is done over an average period of two weeks. Every year, the picking is staggered to fit in with the ripening of each individual plot area.

Working the vines requires a constant questioning of how each task can be best performed. However, this gift from Mother Nature counts for nothing without th skill and application of the Godeau wine-growing team.

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